MBCT: Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Orientation for 8-Session Program
Oct 01, 8:00 AM EDT
Virtual link will be provided to registrant

 Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy  (MBCT)
20-hour traditional training

​​MBCT Program is

designed for you if you want to:

  • Get freedom from mental and behavioral habits that are keeping you stuck and unsatisfied

  • Enhance physical and psychological health and well-being

  • Discover creative ways to practice and activate the “mindfulness muscle” during everyday life activities and when time is limited.

  • Bring mindfulness and compassion to your relationships with self and others

  • Learn to pause and choose your response instead of reacting habitually & ineffectively

  • Solve problems creatively

  • Live a valued life with intention  

  • Reduce stress and habitual reactivity in life one moment at a time

​​In addition to in-person training program, participants also receive:

  • Audios of all traditional guided formal MBCT practices

  • Topic review audios to support application of skills in everyday life.

  • Optional confidential assessments to identify & target specific mental and behavioral habits

  • Guidance matching mindfulness & other CBT practices to current wellness intentions.

  • Ongoing tune-up practice meetings seasonally